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A brief study of some major themes in Ken Loach's filmography

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This page is meant to publish Alexandra Beaufort's study on Ken Loach films. It is an academic work which has been presented in June 2001 to Mr Richard and Mr Baillon of the university of Bordeaux. Download it (pdf document) or browse it (html document)

This is a study (a brief study) of some major themes in Ken Loach's filmography. It focuses more specifically on the philosophical sources concerning the construction of individuals as human beings, as being and taking part of the society they live in. Loach seems to say that individuals are an essential part regarding the way society is builded, which is contrary to what a capitalistic world requires and demands: Loach shows people who do not feel complete, precisely because their individuality is not taken into account, among other things. Aristotelian, existentialist, and marxist themes can be thus found into Loach's movies.

En Français:
Il s'agit là d'une étude (brève) de quelques thèmes centraux de l'oeuvre cinématographique de Ken Loach, plus particulièrement des sources philosophiques concernant la construction de l'individu au sein de la société dont il fait partie. Chez Loach, l'individu est au coeur du projet de vie de la cité, et c'est ce qui l'amène à rentrer en conflit avec la société capitaliste que Loach filme sans complaisance. Il filme des personalités tronquées par le système, abattues pas l'argent. On retrouve dans sa filmographie de grands thèmes aristotéliciens, existentialistes, et bien sûr, marxistes.


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Alexandra Beaufort